Ink-Stained Hands is my book that I wrote and designed in the summer of 2016. It's a 72-page look at the journalism industry past and present, through the eyes of nine industry veterans. I personally interviewed each subject, shot all of the photography and painted all of the textures.



"Bottineau" is the clothing brand I conceptualized into a lookbook with my photography and layout design. Using vintage type from matchbooks and tobacco cards, I printed a set of shirts and coordinated nighttime photo shoots. From there, I laid out the photos and produced a pamphlet that would stand out when dropped off at retailers.



"Training Nugs" was a product concept created for class with the restriction of using just four colors. I combined photography, illustration, design and packaging for a functional treat for a cat or dog.



"Albert's Basement Brew" is a reaction to the marketing trend of complicated, ornate beer packaging designs that often obscure the actual beer name or type. What if things were stripped down and ultra-simple? That's where the story of Albert comes in, a La Crosse, Wisc. local "legend" who finally decided to self-bottle his own basement brew. Utterly simple and down-to-earth, Albert's packaging would be a hit among college students and other folks seeking a simple drink.